The Skowhegan Tarot



78 Cards (2.75 x 4.75 inches each, 12 point 305gsm black-core matt card stock with UV coating) 

20 Page booklet featuring artist bios and writings

4.85 X 2.85 X 1.45 INCH BOX

Edition of 200

Artwork by:

Pasqualina Azzarello (A '04) - The Chariot

Keren Benbenisty (A '09) - The Sun

Melissa Brown (A '00) - Wands (14 Cards)

Elijah Burgher (A '11) - Cups (14 Cards)

Christopher Carroll (A '08) - Card Verso

Vladimir Cybil-Charlier (A '93) - The Star

Susan Paul Firestone (A '72) - The Emperor

Helen Glazer (A '75) - The Hanged Man

Becky Kinder (A '04) - The Empress

Jonah King (A '16) - The Hierophant

Ellen Lesperance (A '99) - The High Priestess

Bryan Martello (A '16) - The Hermit

Miriam Martincic (A '00) - Strength

Marlene McCarty (F '11) - The Tower

Lavar Munroe (A '13) - The Devil

David Politzer (A '04) - Judgement

Christina Quarles (A '16) - The Lovers

Alison Saar (F '93) - Swords (14 Cards)

Alexandria Smith (A '15) - The World

Rachel Stern (A '14) - Death

Ceaphas Stubbs (A '12) - The Magician

Walter Sutin (A '13) - Temperance

Clare Torina (A '12) - The Moon

Van 't Hullenaar & Vis (A '09) - The Wheel of Fortune

John Walter (A '12) - Pentacles (14 Cards)

Erica Wessmann (A '15) - The Fool

Claire Zitzow (A '11) - Justice

The Skowhegan Tarot
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There is one thing all artists have in common: uncertainty. The uncertainty of form, line and figure; the uncertainty of motive, truth and meaning; the uncertainty of sustenance, compensation and stability. Now more than ever, we must work through uncertainty, not just as artists but as humans.

A tarot deck provides a means of coping with uncertainty. It is a tool for showing us what we fear, what we can accomplish and what we already know is true. Though the way the cards tell our stories vary, the deeper underpinnings of the tarot reliably offer understanding and relief. All life’s doubts may not be assuaged by a single reading, but the simple comfort of cards imbued with so much power can help.

27 artists contributed to the Skowhegan Tarot Deck, their time at Skowhegan spanning some 40 years, and their styles and mediums demonstrating an even broader range. Each artist’s individual practice is crucial to explaining the diverse meanings of each card and the united whole of the deck. This booklet contains information about each artist and, in some instances, their interpretation of their work. It is evident, intentional or not, each artist in some way grapples with the uncertainty that pervades life today.

Our hope is that you enjoy this deck: we hope you enjoy the details of each card’s artwork; we hope you enjoy the many manifestations of the tarot’s form encompassed by this deck; we hope you enjoy using this deck as a tool for readings; we hope you glean from it uncertainty and certainty; and most importantly, we hope you find some solace in it.

Jesus Benavente (A ‘12), Carla Edwards (A ‘04), & Skowhegan Staff

Example Cards

Christopher Carroll (A  '08)
Card Back

John Walter (A '12)

David Politzer (A '04)

Elijah Burger (A '11)

Keren Benbenisty (A '09)
The Sun

Rachel Stern (A '14)

Melissa Brown (A '00)

Bryan Martello (A '16)
The Hermit

Clare Torina  (A '12) The Moon

Clare Torina (A '12)
The Moon

Alison Saar (F '93)

Marlene McCarty (F '11)
The Tower

Claire Zitzow (A '11)