The Skowhegan Alliance

The Skowhegan Alliance is a diverse group of recent alumni who generate off-campus programming. Drawing from open-call solicitations to alumni and faculty, and generally curated via group consensus, the projects have a democratic approach that aligns with Skowhegan’s inclusive, non-hierarchical campus culture, and create opportunities for unlikely encounters between artists of different generations, backgrounds, and practices. Many participating artists meet for the first time, others re-kindle friendships, still others reconnect with Skowhegan for the first time in decades. Most projects take place in New York and are free and open to the public.  

Past Events


Current Members

Jesus Benavente (A '12)
Claudia Bitran (A '14)
Haley Bueschlen (A '15)
Alan Calpe (A '16)
Harry Davies (A '17)
José de Jesus Rodriguez (A '17)
Esteban del Valle (A '11)
Carla Edwards (A '04)
Arash Fewzee (A '18)
Rachel Frank (A '05)
Daniel Greenberg (A '18)
Maya Hayuk (A '11)
Gregory Kalliche (A '15)
Eleanor Kipping (A '18)
Sarah Mattes (A '15)
Joiri Minaya (A '13)
Birgit Rathsmann (A '04)
Naomi Safran-Hon (A '12)
Gabriela Salazar (A '11)
Michael Scoggins (A '03)
Becky Sellinger (A '12)
Pallavi Sen (A '17)
Barb Smith (A '12)
Willie Stewart (A '14)
Fabian Tabibian (A '10)
Jody Wood (A '12)


Artists talking to artists

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Feminist Reading Group