INLAKS Foundation Application Instructions

For those applicants that live and work in India and are under 35 years of age your application fee, tuition, and travel expenses will be subsidized by the Inlaks foundation. If you qualify for Inlaks support then you may skip the application fee found at step 7 of the Skowhegan application following the following instructions:

  • Create a 2019 Skowhegan application

  • Complete steps 1-3 in their entirety

  • At step 4 select "yes" — that you require financial aid.
    In the field that asks “Amount of financial assistance requested," enter "5999" (Don't worry, you will receive more than this amount because Inlaks will fully fund your other expenses).

  • Select "Foreign Resident" and enter "India" in the corresponding field.
    Leave everything else in Step A blank and go to Section B

  • In Section B: INCOME
    Type “N/A” in the "Total 2017 Income" field
    Type “N/A” in the "Employer" field
    Enter "0" in the "2017 Actual" field and "0" in the "2018 Estimated" field
    Leave everything else blank

    Click on "India" and explain that you live and work in India in the corresponding "Explain status" field.

  • Complete steps 5-6

  • When you reach step 7 (the payment step) simply email with the subject line "Inlaks support"
    Use this email to state that you qualify for Inlaks support by providing your current age and your physical address in India.

Skowhegan will then push your application past the paywall and submit it on your behalf. Once your application is submitted by Skowhegan you will receive an email from with a unique application number confirming that your application was successfully received. You will receive this email within 24 hours after you email Skowhegan. If you do not receive a confirmation email please email or call 646-6816426.

In order to be considered for the 2019 Skowhegan Session you must have completed your application steps 1-6 and have emailed Skowhegan by 12 Noon (EST) on January 10, 2019 (10:30PM IST). Applications will not be accepted after this date for any reason.