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At Skowhegan, artists are accepted based on artistic merit, not financial circumstance. The need-blind admissions process ensures that we, and all of our funders, are supporting the future of artmaking. All of those listed below generously contributed to Skowhegan over the past year and made it possible for us to bring together the most talented and groundbreaking artists, regardless of their ability to pay tuition.

If you are interested in learning more about how to endow a Skowhegan scholarship, or support a current participant, please contact Katie Grogan at or 212.529.0505 or see here.

A denotes alumni
F denotes faculty

Gifts received from 01/01/2015 – 04/25/2016


Annual Journal





Eleanor Acquavella and Morgan Dejoux
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Crossed Purposes Foundation Inc.
Agnes Gund

Robert L. Looker
Greg and Susie Palm, the Palm Foundation
BB and Jud Reis


Jan Aronson
Roland Augustine and Lawrence Luhring
Chiara Edmands
Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer


Graham and Ann Gund, The Gund Art Foundation
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Wilson and Eliot Nolen
Alan Wanzenberg


David Beitzel A '82 and Darren Walker
Blavatnik Family Foundation
Mrs. Mildred C. Brinn
Estrellita and Daniel Brodsky
John R. Coleman
H. King & Jean Cummings Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Gagosian Gallery
Mihail Lari and Scott Murray
Victoria Love Salnikoff
Richard T. Prins and Connie Steensma
Lisa and Reuben Richards


Donna and Bill Acquavella
Arcus Foundation
Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc.
Alex Blavatnik
Marcia L. Carsey
Andrea Crane
David Dechman and Michel Mercure
Caryl and Israel A. Englander
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Robert Gober F 94 and Donald Moffett F 04
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Marian Goodman Gallery
The Greenwich Collection, Ltd
John & Amy Griffin Foundation
Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Rena and Scott Hoffman
Meredith James A '11

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, at the request of Barbara and Andrew Gundlach
Glenn Ligon F '98
John Melick
Alexander F. Milliken
Nancy Negley
Portland Museum of Art, Mark Bessire, Director
Marina and Thomas Purcell, Purcell Family Foundation
Shelley and Donald Rubin
Simon Lee Gallery
Joan and Michael Steinberg
Sumner Scholarship Endowment Foundation, Inc.
Jack and Susy Wadsworth


Alexander Acquavella and Mollie Ruprecht
Abigail Baratta
Margo and Mitchell Blutt
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carson
Warren and Brammie Cook
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation
John Khoury
The Ronald & Jo Carole Lauder Foundation
Arthur L. Loeb
The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation
Elizabeth Miller, The Lucelia Foundation

Marcie and Jordan Pantzer
Bonnie and Rick Reiss
Eleanor W. Revson
Meg and David Roth
Erica and Joseph Samuels
Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff A '85 and Hunter Lewis
Bailey Symington
Eugene V. Thaw
Lulu and Anthony Wang


Debra Tanner Abell and Cullen Washington A '10
Nicholas and Travis Acquavella
George Ahl
Phil Alexandre and Marie Evans
El Anatsui F '07
John Anselmi
Michael Field and Jeff Arnstein Family Fund
Donald Baechler F '94
Burt Barr F '08
Guy and Nora Barron
David Baum and Lucia Kellar
Cecily G. Belford
Madeline Bennett
Janet Benton and David Schunter
Charles Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Leon D. Black
Marianne Boesky Gallery
Mati Bonetti Buccini and Chris Buccini
Torrence Boone and Ted Chapin
Grace and Sam Bowman, Mary A. & Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation
The Broad Art Foundation
Alexander and Kate Brodsky
Thomas and Megan Brodsky
Deborah Jones Buck A '75
The Florence V. Burden Foundation, at the recommendation of Foundation Directors Ordway and Jean Burden
Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation
Amy Cappellazzo
Barbara Bertozzi Castelli
Andrew Cogan and Lori Finkel
Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Willard Cook and Lisa Paolella
Paula Cooper Gallery
Colby College Museum of Art
A grant from the Edward Page Crane Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Daphne Cummings A '82
Max and Mary Davidson
Bridget Moore, DC Moore Gallery
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Mark Di Suvero F '83
Paul A. Dierkes
Rackstraw Downes F '75, '81, '02
Brendan Dugan
Edlis Neeson Foundation
Tom Elghanayan
Constance Evans
Mrs. Katy Brodsky Falco and Mr. Simone Falco
Shelley Farmer, Hirschl & Adler Modern
Anoka Faruqee A '95, F '10
Susan Paul Firestone A '72
Mark Fisch and Rachel Davidson
Jane Furse and John Friedman
Christopher Gaillard and John Robbins
Linda Genereux and Timur Galen
Gardner Russo & Gardner
Robert & Rae Gilson
Anne Collins Goodyear and Frank Goodyear
Francine du Plessix Gray
Louise Grunwald
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Gund
Andrew Hamill A '14
Mary Hamill
Kate Haw
Maya Hayuk A '11
Fred Hochberg and Tom Healy
Marie Therese Heiden
Sanford Heller
Tracey Hummer
Stephanie Hunt
Susan Goldberger Jacoby A '67, Edward & Marjorie Goldberger Foundation
Mari-Claudia Jiménez, Herrick, Feinstein LLP, Art Law Group
Daniel J. Desmond
The Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation
Shoichi Kajima A ' 55
Isabel Kallman
Steve Kaylor and Kristin Yetto
Tina Kim
Noel Kirnon
Kenneth F. Koen
Fifth Floor Foundation
Kimberly Kravis
Guillermo Kuitca F '99, '04
Stephanie and Jody La Nasa
Sims Lansing
Nick Lawrence A '83, Freight + Volume
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Lawson-Johnston
Raymond Learsy
Barbara Lee
Galerie Lelong
Fran and Jack Levy Foundation

Arthur Simms, 2010

Brent and Jacqueline Lewis
Carol Sutton Lewis and William M. Lewis, Jr.
Bernard I. Lumpkin
The Lunder Foundation, Paula Crane Lunder and Peter Lunder
Catherine MacMahon
Candice Madey
Charles A '77 and Louise Marburg
Matthew Marks Gallery
Kerry J. Marshall F '98 and Cheryl L. Bruce
Virgil Marti A '90, F '12 and Peter Barberie
Libbie Masterson
Richard and Ronay Menschel
Toshiko Mori
Carrie Moyer A '95, F '10
Mary Kathryn Navab
Heidi Nitze A '56, '57
James A '77 and Amanda Opinsky
Claudia Overstrom
Gabriela Palmieri and Scott Harford
Anthony Aziz and Simone Douglas, Parsons the New School for Design
John and Joanne Payson
Liz and Jeff Peek
Fred Perlberg
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Glenstone Foundation
Katharine and William Raynor
Jennifer Rissler
David Rockefeller
David and Susan Rockefeller
Jeanne Rohatyn
Tyler Rollins
Benjamin M. Rosen and Donna Rosen
Sean Ryan A '03 and Jacqueline Tran
Bonnie J. Sacerdote
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Santo Domingo
Contemporary Conservation, Ltd.
Carol Server Frankel and Oliver Frankel
Jack Shainman Gallery
Steve Shane
Peter L. and Ann Sheldon
Michael Jenkins
Lisa and Donn Zaretsky
Mark Simon and Thomas Simon
Talbott and Carter Simonds Foundation
Elizabeth Smith
Willlam Sofield
Donald E. & Vivian S. Sonnenborn
Katie and Jonah Sonnenborn
Nancy and Burt Staniar
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch
Walter and Virginia Tomenson
David Totah
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Kass
Ursula von Rydingsvard F '88
Van Doran Waxter
John Williams A '90
Sarah Workneh
Sara and Nathaniel Zilkha
Aerin Zinterhofer


Thorsten Albertz
Ellen Altfest A '02
Eric Angles A '03
Christopher L. Apgar
Michael Arad
Richard Armstrong
Chelsea Beck A '08 and Kurt Mueller A '08
Holly Block
Frances Cape A '89, F '08 & Liza Phillips A '89
David Coggins A '01
Rick Davidman
Elizabeth Dovydenas A '76
Thelma and David Driskell A '53, F '76, '78, '04
The Esopus Foundation Ltd.
Benjamin Fain A '08
Eric Fischl F '85 and April Gornik
John Benjamin Franklin A '94 and Ilse Murdock A '12
Frieze Art Fairs
Jeffrey Gibson A '14
Kristin Gilbertson
Elizabeth Goldberg
Richard Hell and Sheelagh Bevan
Katie Herzog A '07
Wendy Hesslink
Elizabeth R. Hilpman & Byron Tucker
Ara and Rachel Hovnanian
Jennie C. Jones A '96, F '14
June Kelly Gallery
Joyce Kozloff F '98
Laura Lobdell A '99

Marlene McCarty F '11
Anthony and Celeste Meier
Melissa Meyer A '02
Malcolm Morley F '70
Bonnie S. Newman A '82
Marisa Newman
Sheila Pepe A '94, F '13
Christen Pollock
Lindsay Pollock & Andrew Zarnett
The Raymond Family in memory of Zizi Raymond A '85
Lawrence Remmel
John W. and Carolyn J. Rosenblum
Rhoda Ross A '86
Christine & Kenneth Rush Jr. A '68, The Rush Family Fund
Cathy Sarkowsky A '93
Kimberly and Jonathan Schulhof
Beverly Semmes A '82, F '01, '05
Arlene Shechet F '12
Nataliya Slinko A '10
Hunt Slonem A '72
Do Ho Suh A '93
Gibb Taylor and Leslie Pell van Breen
Michael Tcheyan A '72
Sheri Warshauer-Riskind A '02


Ian Alteveer
Nicole Awai A '97
Yona Backer
Sarah Bedford A '97
Paul Beirne
Michael Berman A '92
Dike Blair A '74, F '12
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Vija Celmins
Mel Chin F '95
Dr. Johnnetta Cole
Rebecca Cook and Bernard Dickens
Martin Cox
Elizabeth Dee
Craig Drennen A '06
Linda Earle
Hasan Elahi F '09
Ross Evangelista
Zachary Fabri A '13
Amy Feldman A '09
Aaron Fink A '76
Robert Flynt A '74, '76
Janet Paxton Gardner A '60
Kristin Jones A '98 and Andrew Ginzel A '98
James J. Grogan
Katie Grogan & James Schulte
Richard Haas F '82, '84
Robert Hammond
Ann S. Hedges A '68
Ralph Helmick A '79
Nina Herrick
Leslie Hewitt A '01
Professor Curlee R. Holton
Mindi Katzman A '84
Byron Kim A '86, F '99, '13 & Lisa Sigal A '86, F '06
Irene Kim
Angela Lorenz F '07
Marie Lorenz A '04, F '13

Anissa Mack A '99, F '11
Eric Mack A '14
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle F '02
Suzette McAvoy
Suzanne McClelland F '99
Sam Messer A '74
Paolo Morales A '15
Catherine Murphy A '66
Eliza Newman-Saul A '05
Lorraine O'Grady F '99, '13
Alix Pearlstein F '04 and Bill Adams A '80, F '05
Renaud Proch
Diana Pulling and Derek Pratt
Hanneline Røgeberg A '88, F '09
Catherine Ross A '02
Wendy Rowland A '67
Alison Saar F '93
Carolee Schneeman F '01
Jay Shinn A '81
Renée A. Simon
Avery Singer A '13
Nancy Sloan
Dr. George Smith
Hume Steyer
Nan and William Stone
Kevin Sudeith A '90
Jennifer Sullivan Carney A '91
Marc Swanson A '00, F '14
Jonathan VanDyke A '08
Paula Volent
Lauren V. Walling, Women's Studio Workshop
Allison Weisberg
Lewis Winter
Susan Volk Woolworth
Elizabeth Yanev
Anonymous (3)

UP TO $250

Samantha Adler de Oliveira A '13
Matthew Ager A '11
Negar Ahkami A '04
Luis Alonzo A '13
Kitty Alward A '83
Betsy Alwin A '01 and Frank Meuschke A '00
Judith Amdur A '73
Cynthia Arnow
Adam Aronson
Dave Bailey A '94
Paul Banas A '74
Nicholas Baume
Seline Baumgartner A '14
Anthea Behm A '14
Aisha Tandiwe Bell A '06
Jesus Benavente A '12
Christy Bergland A '68
Lucas Blalock A '11
Laura Blanco
Julia Bland A '13
Mara Bodis-Wollner A '07
Bara Boheme
Mary Rose and Kenyon C. Bolton III
Philip Bornarth A '51, 52
Susan Boscarino A '96
Doug Bosch A '91
Astrid Bowlby A '02
Joan Branca A '72
Matt Brett A '14
Sara Bright A '10
Gayle E. Brown
Julia Brown A '06
Ashley Bryan A '46, '56
Ken Buhler A '76
Elijah Burgher A '11
Mike Calway-Fagen A '11
Barbara Campbell Thomas A '00
Steve Cannon, A Gathering of Tribes
Ellen Cantrowitz
Polly Carpenter A '75
chips carroll
Christopher Carroll A '08
Lee David Chaikin and Wendy Blank Chaikin
Chalkbeat New York
Xinyi Cheng A '14
Christopher Chiappa A '97
Lablilies A '10
Milano Chowkwanyun A '13
Andrea Chung A '08 and Jasaun Neff
Ann Valentine Cobb A '50, '51
Alex Bradley Cohen A '14
Barnett Cohen A '12
Sue Collier A '79
Maurice Colton A '70
Elizabeth Conn
John Amos Cooper A '98
Toni Jo Coppa A '97
Warren Craghead A '93
Megan Cump A '00
Xavier Jose Cunilleras A '13
Greg Curry A '85
Erin Curtis A '10
Vladmir Cybil A '93
Onda D'Urso A '49
Thomas Dahlberg A '15
Jacqueline Davidson A '58
John Delapa A '85
Mary DeWitt A '85
Stephanie Diamond A '00
David Michael DiGregorio A '02
Leah Dixon A '12
Tim Doud A '92
Jim Dowdalls A '78
Chris Dunbar A '91
Ellen Levine Ebert A '66
Clare Gomez Edington A '90
Don Edler A '12
John Edmonds A '14
Jonathan Ehrenberg A '11
David Einstein A '70
Angela Ellsworth A '93
Karen Eskesen A '64
Hersha Evans A '83
Catherine Fairbanks A '11
King Farish A '11
Elizabeth Finch
Jane Fine A '89 & James Esber A '84
Sharon Fishel A '86
David Flaugher A '10
Rachel Frank A '05
Lynda Frese A '85
Ronald J. Friedman
Jane Gagne A '80
Robert Gainer A '63
Lilian Garcia-Roig A '90
Elise Gardella
Alice Garik A '65
Daniel Giles A '13
Anita Glesta A '77
Marsha R. Goldberg A '83
Ana Maria Gomez A '15
Maria Elena González F '05
Sophie Grant A '15
Philip Grausman A '56, '57, F '73
Clare Grill A '11
Jane Hammond F '92, '05
Bang Geul Han A '07
Gail A. Hansberry A '60
Jeffrey Spencer Hargrave A '99
Elizabeth Harney A '14
Connie Hayes A '89
Ric Haynes A '67
Stephen Hendee A '89
Heritage House Restaurant, Skowhegan, Maine
Chake Kavookjian Higgison A '77
Suzanne Hodes A '57, '58
Susan Homer A '93
Shih-Chieh Huang A '01
Andrew Huston
Tim Hyde A '07
Vera Iliatova A '04
Michael Jackson A '79
Diana Jensen A '92
Kathleen D. Johnson A '74
Lois Johnson A '96
Joan Jonas F '06
James D. Julia
Victoria Fisher Kaak A '81
Marie Kammah
Joanna L. Kao A '75
Kari Kaplan Rives A '82
Annetta Kapon A '92
Nils Karsten A '02
Devin Kenny A '09
Gwendolyn Kerber A '79
Martin Kersels F '10
James Kielkopf A '64
Patrick Killoran A '98
Becky Kinder A '04
Pat Kirshner A '78
Noah Klersfeld A '03
Candace Knapp A '69
David Knoebel A '72
Robert S. Koffler A '59
P. Kozal A '83
Melanie Kozol A '80
Ai-Wen Josephine Wu Kratz A '67
Elaine Taylor Krogius A '53

Julia Kunin A '84
Heidi Lange
Barbara Lapcek
Jaeeun Lee A '11
Li-hua Lei A '98
Shaun Leonardo A '04
Dan Levenson A '09
Margaret Libby A '87
Sandy Litchfield A '07
Margaret Loeb
Nan Hall Lombardi A '88
Yvonne Lung A '06
Nancy Lupo A '13
Robert MacDonald A '96
Sharon Madanes A '14
Mary Kate Maher A '08
Marisa Mandler A '10
Penelope Harbage Manzella A '51
Jonathan Marshalik A '14
Monica Martinez A '06
Donald Martiny
Emily Mast A '06 and Karl Haendel A '00
James Maurelle A '15
Jessica May
Lily McElroy A '06
Sean McElroy A '14
Holli McEntegart A '14
Dave McKenzie A '00, F '11
Sarah McMenimen A '10
Tyler McPhee A '11
Emil A. Mellow II A '78
Fabiola Menchelli A '13
Josephine A. Merck A '68, '73
Susan Metrican A '14
Ander Mikalson A '12
Sarah Mikenis A '15
Steve Miller A '73
Susan B. Homer A '68, '71
Tracy Miller A '92
Nancy Modlin Katz A '78
Jenny Monick A '99 and Gedi Sibony A '99
Ann-Michele Morales A '97
Michael Muelhaupt A '13
Ilse Murdock A '12
Eliza Myrie A '10
Alan Newman and Wendy Saul
John O'Connor A '00
Walter O'Neill A '74
Jordyn Oetken A '13
Margaux Ogden A '11
Jeanine Oleson A '00
John Ollman
Melissa Oresky A '00
Ian Page A '12
Jane Panetta
Herbert Parsons A '64
Ester Partégas F '09
Erik Patton A '15
Elizabeth Peabody A '75
Paul Pfeiffer F '05, '10
Andrea Poropatich
Charlotte Present A '66
Marilyn Propp A '69
Ronny Quevedo A '13
Julia Randall A '99
Birgit Rathsmann A '04
David Reed A '66, F '88
Matt Rich A '10 and Victoria Fu A '06
Angela Ringo A '06
Christopher Robbins A '09 and Shelly Ross Robbins
Celeste Roberge A '79
Marrin Robinson A '84
Jacque Rochester A '72
Joanna Roos A '58, '59
Karen Rosenkrantz
Allen Ruppersberg A '01
Yoshie Sakai A '14
Gabriela Salazar A '11
Sara Saltzman A '05
Annesofie Sandal A '15
Claudia Sbrissa A '03
Ralph Scarcelli A '65
Mike Schuwerk A '10
Renata M. Schwebel A '51
Jessica Segall A '10
Emmanuel Sevilla A '15
Abby Shahn A '59, '61
Adam Shecter A '06
Kate Sheperd A '90
Howard W. Shields
Lui Shtini A '07
Calvin Siegel A '15
Gina Siepel A '08
Ruth Simon McRae A '68
Alan D. Singer A '73
Kuldeep Singh A '14
Pallavi Singh A '15
Nancy G. Siraisi
Mathilde Skowhegan A '15
Clarissa Sligh, A '72
Sable Elyse Smith A '15
Stephanie Snider A '94
Adrienne Snow
Ellen Soffer A '81
Dr. Andrew W. Solomon and John Habich
Suzy Spence A '96
Molly Springfield, A '06
Stacy Tenenbaum Stark
Joan Steinman A '82
Aaron Stephan A '02
Rachel Stern A '14
Naqeeb Stevens A '12
Rachel Stevens A '84
Willie Stewart A 14
Sandra Strahan A '83
Bonnie Sturner, PhD.
Barbara Sullivan
Altoon Sultan A '70, F '88
Becky Suss A '13
Julianne Swartz A '99, F '08
Fabian Tabibian A '10
Mary Temple A '99
Sarah Tortora A '13
Nicole Tschampel A '01
Mary Turbyne
Carrie Ungerman A '89
Susanna Vapnek A '02
Meridith Pingree A '03 and Kai Vierstra A '05
William Villalongo A '02
Bridget & Patrick Wade
Maria K. Walker A '11
Sandy Walker A '63
Nat Ward Photography LLC
Marie Watt A '95
Ishmael Randall Weeks A '07
Jane Westrick A '15
Allison Wiese A '99
Abbey Williams A '04 & David Hardy A '04
Marisa Williamson A 12
Letha Wilson A '09
Matthew C. Wilson A '10
Carmen Winant A '10
Gerald Wolfe A '74
Steven Yazzie A '06
Gordon Yee A '61
Barbara Zucker F '84, '87
Anonymous (16)

Scholarship Grants

Matching Schools

Boston University
California Institute of the Arts
Cornell University
Maryland Institute College of Art
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Northwestern University
Rhode Island School of Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Ohio State University
Tyler School of Art
University of California, San Diego
University of Florida
University of Iowa

Endowed Scholarship

Bingham Scholarship
Camile Cosby Scholarship
Donald and Doris Fisher Scholarship
Gober-Moffett Scholarship
Ann and Graham Gund Scholarship
George Gund Scholarship
Alex Katz Scholarship
Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Scholarship
Peter Lewis Scholarship
Toby Fund Scholarship
Don F. Turano Scholarship
Wallace-Reader’s Digest Scholarship
W & M Zorach Scholarship

New York Space Fund

In 2013 Skowhegan acquired a permanent home in New York at 136 West 22nd Street. The 4,500 square foot space now houses our year-round office as well as publicly accessible archives and a flexible meeting/programming space. This space will serve as a touchstone for Skowhegan outside of Maine and create opportunities for the public and our more than 700 alumni to participate more actively in Skowhegan’s vibrant artist community. We recognize the generosity of the following individuals and foundations for making this vision possible. 

Major Gifts 

Graham and Ann L. Gund
Alan Wanzenberg

Library Endowment

Mrs. Mary Looker


Diane L. Ackerman
Alex Blavatnik  
Gayle E. Brown
Amy Cappellazzo and Joanne Rosen
John R. Coleman, The VIA Agency
Julian and Lucy Colville
Brammie and Warren C. Cook
Eleanor Acquavella Dejoux
Daniel J. Desmond
Chiara and Ben Edmands
William Ettelson
Constance Evans
Litsa Floris
John H. Friedman
Christopher Gaillard
Peter Gethers
Amy and John Griffin
Anne and RJ Grissinger
Agnes Gund
Charlotte Hall
Kate Haw
Marie Therese Heiden
Steve Henry and Philip Shneidman
Michael Huseby
Mary Ellen Keating
Mihail Lari and Scott Murray
Nicholas Lawrence, A '83
Allen W. Lindstrom
Robert L. Looker
Donald Moffett, F '04 and Robert Gober, F ‘94
Tiffany E. Moller
Margaret Morto
Amanda and James Opinsky, A '77
Greg and Susie Palm, The Palm Foundation
Sheila Pepe, A '94, F '13
Langhorne Perrow
Paul Pfeiffer, F '05, '10
Arthur Pober
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M. Pollock
Lindsay Pollock and Andrew S. Zarnett
Mr. and Mrs. Judson P. Reis
Louise and Leonard Riggio
Meredith and Conley Rollins
Alison Rosenbaum
Beverly Semmes, A '82, F '01, '05
Nataliya Slinko, A '10
Elizabeth Smith
Katie and Jonah Sonnenborn
Marc Swanson, A '00, F '14
Julianne Swartz, A '99, F '08
Jackson Taylor
Hanna and Matthew Usdan Foundation
Julia B. Weld
Cecilia Wolfson
Sarah Workneh
Don Zacharia
Lawrence S. Zilavy


Alan Wanzenberg
Seky Gomez
Elizabeth Peeples
John Melick
Blue Medium
Rick Prins
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Paul Pfeiffer, 2010

SkowheganPERFORMS 2014

Dike Blair, 2012

SkowheganPERFORMS, 2014

SkowheganPERFORMS, 2013

Jacolby Satterwhite Artist Talk in conjunction with the Fine Arts Work Center, 2013