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39 Art School Road
Madison, Maine 04950
t 207 474 9345
F 212 473 1342

Year-round /
New York

136 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011
t 212 529 0505
F 212 473 1342

Summer Staff 2017

Education & Support

Chris Carroll (A ’08), Media Lab Manager
Oscar Cornejo (A '14), Program Coordinator
Meredith Gaglio, Head Librarian
Sean Glover (A '03), Fresco Instructor
Frank Jackson (A ’85), Dean
Lilly McElroy (A '06), Media Lab Associate
Elle Perez (A ’15), Dean
Dawn Philip, J.D., LCSW, Counseling Dean
Elizabeth Tubergen (A '15), Sculpture Shop Manager

Food Service & Residence Management

Waneeta Marquis, Chef & Residence Manager
Chandler Brown, Assistant Chef
Brenda Madden, Assistant Chef
Shawn Thornton (A '02), Baker
Jon Logan, Assistant  to Executive Chef
Aiden Doughty
Jordyn Gund
John Harlow
Samantha Jorgensen
Rebecca McDougal
Jessica Page
Joshua Vandestine
Pam Fuller, Red Farm
Tiffany Leon, Housekeeping
Greg Webber, Housekeeping
Rosa Rosario, lunch via Radici Cucina
Maria Reynolds, lunch via Radici Cucina

Grounds & Maintenance

Kevin Flanagan, Carpenter
Peter Campbell, Gardener
Ralph Drouin, Grounds Staff
Peter Jillson, Grounds Staff
Ronald Pinkham, Grounds Staff
Ryan Cass, Gounds Staff

Year-round Staff

Katie Sonnenborn, Co-Director
Sarah Workneh, Co-Director

Cerrie Woodner Bamford, Director of Development & Events
Eric Bees, Senior Development Officer
Christopher Carroll (A '08), Program Manager
Elise Gardella, Operations & Board Liaison
William Holmes, Grounds & Maintenance Manager
Paige Laino, Alumni Coordinator
Ellie Perendy, Intern
Corinne Spencer (A '14), Communications and Marketing Associate

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