Michael K Taylor (A '12)

the Alchemists and the Archives (2016)

All Day

Minerals transformed into glass, energy transformed into light, wood transformed into paper, humans transformed into . . .

A performance piece enacting the creation of an archive system transforming text and images into mythical data and energy cells used for time/dimensional travel. This work is part of a series initially created during Skowhegan ‘12 where Taylor created an installation using discarded objects, texts from the library, and art work being archived from around the Skowhegan campus.  The text source materials for this performance will merge Skowhegan and Socrates histories as content. This animation begins with information input from a source, processed through reading, re-articulated through writing, and preserved through coded transformation. The content will be retrieved and made accessible in future performances and a yet to be determined final shared format.   

Michael K. Taylor is an artist whose practice included performance, visual art, poetry, and curation. Born in Louisiana, he graduated from the Houston’s HSPVA University of Houston and recieved his Masters from Tyler School of Art.He has completed a number of residencies and workshops—such as those at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2014); Ox-Bow School of Ar t(2013); Atlantic Center for the Arts.  His solo and group exhibitions include galleries, museums, and other venues for the arts in Texas, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, and Nairobi, Kenya.