Madeline Hollander (A '15)

Heimlich Redux


Madeline Hollander’s performance “Heimlich Redux” presents movement sequences that explore nota- tion systems and graphical instruction sets from various “Choking Victim”, Heimlich Maneuver and CPR posters displayed in local food service establishments around NY. Hollander uses these government mandated posters as choreographic scores for creating a contemporary square-dance that exposes the irony and challenges of effectively conveying physical movement techniques to a general public, in this case a critical life-saving choreography. The performance transforms this grim, albeit standardized, emergency procedure into a celebratory social dance as these gestures of revival are abstracted and re- peated in unison facing each cardinal direction. Performed by Jeremy Pheiffer, Marielis Garcia, Madeline Hollander, Asami Tomida, and Andrew Champlin. 

Madeline Hollander is a New York-based artist whose work extends choreography beyond the human form and explores emerging body languages and their relationship to technology and everyday ritual. Hollander has presented works at Untitled Art Fair 2015, Miami; Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery, NY; the Sculpture Center, NY; Jack Hanley Gallery, NY; Tina Kim Gallery, NY; Torrance Shipman Gallery, NY; and Human Resources, LA. She has danced professionally with Los Angeles Ballet, CA, and Angel Corella Ballet, Madrid, and attended artist residencies at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Maine; Choreographic-Coding Labs, Digital Media Arts, UCLA; & the Fountainhead Studios, Miami, FL.