Kuldeep Singh (A '14)



The land, the body and the flow. The tightness and convolution, the ease and repetition. A cycle, many cycles. Water, milk, honey. A vision of polar liminal spaces. Of macro and the micro. The contrast and the detail, the contrast and the abstraction. Tiers. 

Painter, object maker, and performer Kuldeep Singh is a trans-disciplinary artist interested in the idea of storytelling and narratives beyond political boundaries. His practice is primarily informed by Indian Aesthetics of Hindu era of first millennium AD. The open attitude towards gender, lifestyle and expression are the core components of this period that he deeply admires. Triggering a deep relation between the sensual and the spiritual, his projects act as romantic laboratories investigating kinship to performance, moving image and installation. 


As an intensively trained Indian classical dancer of Odissi repertoire, he holds a profound understanding of sound, space and movement. He reinvents myths with components in acting, sound and image making through this vast system.