Joiri Minaya (A '13)


All Day 

Containers is an exploration of the superficiality with which the identity of Caribbean women is often diluted into a lush idealized landscape, or how the landscape is feminized, or how women and landscape are interchangeable in the way they have been portrayed as colonized, domesticated and contained. 

Containers oscillates between ideas of agency and impairment within the construction of the “tropical” as a fantasy of leisure, pleasure and exoticness, and the presence of the female body within this fantasy. Wearing bodysuits made out of fabric with designs that essentialize elements of tropical landscape, several women hold poses that may be read as expressing an array of states and ideas, from availability, display, power (or powerlessness), to resignation and idleness. Through the presence of gaze and speech in some instances, or the lack thereof in other moments, these contained figures will have a dialogue with the audience and the landscape of Socrates Sculpture Park. Visually incongruous yet sometimes cam- ouflaged within this landscape, the tropical patterns in the bodysuits mimic the fluctuating contradictions in the speech, pose and gaze of each of these subjects. 

Joiri Minaya (1990) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work deals with identity, otherness, self-con- sciousness and displacement. Her work navigates binaries in search of in-betweenness, investigating the female body within constructions of identity, social space and hierarchies. Born in New York, U.S, she grew up in the Dominican Republic. Minaya graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Visuales (ENAV) in Santo Domingo, D. R. in 2009, the Altos de Chavón School of Design in La Romana, D.R. in 2011 and Parsons the New School for Design in 2013.