Holli McEntegart (A '14)

Lighting cauldrons of speculation (Oh my god, Maggie!) (2015) 

Wood, brass, rock salt, spell, digital ink jet photograph.

Installation all day,
Performance at dawn. 

An invisible web of energy crisscrosses the terrestrial landscape much like the human acupuncture meridians define the body’s energy field in an intricate and precise matrix. Where these lines intersect, an energy eddy or vortex occurs, these are the “earth chakras” or power places on the earth’s surface. These power places are electrical switch points or energy transducers spread around the planet, all intersecting and tuned to particular electromagnetic frequencies like a crystal radio. 

Concerned with the collection and storage of energy, a protection spell is cast over the ground at Socrates Sculpture Park. A ritual performed, healing energy collected and channelled into the image of a 12 year old girl and her unicorn. I mark, measure and merge the distances between the virtual and the real by visualising the intangible. 


Holli McEntegart (b. NZ 1980) is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work maps an engagement with the intersections of real and imagined experience using performance, video, drawing and instal- lation. Narrative, site-specific inhabitations and varied esoteric processes are explored to better under- stand her encounters with fact, fiction, myths and histories and as a means of unearthing (im)possible or (im)probable negotiations between logic and belief. Projects are connected by mysterious and magical trajectories that have an indeterminate beginning and ending. It is this experience of not knowing that connects us with the concept of the transcendent and unknowable. McEntegart holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Photography and a Masters of Art & Design with First class honours from Auckland University of Technology. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.