Felipe Steinberg (A '14)


The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. As widely known, but not officially advertised in the facade, “happy endings” are offered in many massages parlors in New York City. During the event, for one hour, a massage therapist will be at the entrance of the Socrates Sculpture Park shaking hands with every male entering the park. The therapist works at a massage parlor, located at 28 Liberty Street in Manhattan. 

Felipe Steinberg (b. 1986) in Campinas, Brazil. He received an M.A. in Studio Art from New York University in 2012 and is currently a M.F.A candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2016). His works have been shown in Anthology Film Archives (New York), Grimm Museum (Berlin), SESC (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil) and Daegu Photo Biennale (Daegu, South Korea) among others. In 2014, he received three prizes: the acquisition prize from the “XIII Salão Nacional de Artes de Itajaí” (Brazil), NYU “Berlin Culture Brewery Prize” (USA) and SESC “Mostra de Arte da Juventude do SESC Ribeirão Preto” in Brazil.