Erin Henry (A '15)

Carrots Peeled

Potatoes Peeled

pile of potatoes

All Day 

Spiritual guidance/counseling using the vegetable matter technique to facilitate breakdown in the self-object boundary. 

You may expect your body image to be durable and permanent - this is your sense of bodily self-identi- fication. How do you distinguish what’s contained within versus what’s beyond your familiar bodily shell? 

There is a great transformation happening within you right now. Trust that your life history has prepared you for this momentous change. 

Little Sugar (Little Saka Sugar) 

Woody Gunthrie

“Hee, hee hee, my little sack of ‘taters
So pretty, pretty, pretty, I could eat your toes. 

Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle jiggle, pickle, pickle, pickle,pickle, Little sack of sugar I could eat you up” 

Born 1979 Sugarland, Texas. Lives and works in New York. MFA 2014 Yale University School of Art, Sculpture. BFA 2001 School of the Art Institute of Chicago. What has happened here? What I know: I’m pretty sure that I have hands, as they’re right in front of my face. I can only assume that I have a head - this is, after all, where I seem to be located. Funny to be most convinced of this point in particular because really, there’s nothing here but a blind spot.