Wesley Chavis A '17

Ku In Tuo Muah

2:45, 4:30

What does a person do when ancestral love wells from within? Does that ephemeral presence expand from this person, this sensing flesh, this presence, this guttural breath?

Surrender. suspend spread             Are we together? 

At the precipice of future faith

Open the mouth

His original home is Beaumont, Texas. There resides the ancestral root of the love Wesley receives, nurtures, returns, and interrogates through artworks. He currently lives in New Orleans, LA.

Growing up in The South, Wesley attended an all-black Baptist church where he witnessed the sensorial power and palpability of God, mediated through the exuberant touch, breath, poly-rhythms and ecstatic praise of communing bodies. Through movement, he both tests and desires mediation between the physically sensuous and the tangible immaterial. The faithful process of questioning the co-mingling between the corporeal and religious ephemeral tills the fertile ground on which he blooms, withers, and resurrects in new seasons.