Tomoe Tsutsumi A ‘10

Pancake - Story


1. At SkowheganPERFORMS 2017 in Socrates Sculpture Park, I would invite one audience member to sit facing me at a table that is set up with an electric griddle and the ingredients for making pancakes.

2. I would explain to the participant that in order to get a pancake, he or she needs to share one of the following: a story; a memory; a secret; or remain silent. Our conversation would be recorded.

3. While the participant speaks (or not) in their chosen way, I would make a pancake on the electric griddle.

4. There will be additional toppings available on an adjacent table for each participant to add according to their taste. These could include fruits, maple syrup, cream, etc.

I strongly believe that in this contemporary world, storytelling is necessary for individuals and their community. As an artist, I would like to share the time and space with participants so they can tell their stories to a willing listener and receive a reward for doing so.

Tomoe Tsutsumi is a visual artist living and working in Ridgewood, New York. She was born in Tokyo, Japan. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design and a BFA in Fine Arts, Painting from Colorado State University. She explores the themes of individuality, community, communication and the relationship between them. The medium of her work varies from drawing, painting, sculpture, video, performance and community projects.