Pallavi Sen A ‘17

This Is A Special Song For You, Plant


In This Is A Special Song For You, Plant, being as invisible as possible, Pallavi will sing to, and catalogue as many plants, leaves, flowers, and trees on the grounds of Socrates - thinking about love lost, love gained, her inability to recognise trees - while worrying about her/our future, and counting, describing, animating plants, exploring vocal notes and plant shapes. 

Using instagram as a recording medium, she will build minute long looping videos, one after the other. As the day progresses, these short songs will be broadcast at a phone near you! This can be your own phone, or a friend’s. Look for it.

Born in 1989, Pallavi Sen grew up in Bombay + New Delhi. She works with installation, printmaking, textiles, Instagram, and intuitive movement. An invested dabbler, her latest interests include the lives of birds and animals, South Asian costumes, domestic architecture, altars, deities, style, the history of pattern, of woven cloth, friendship + love, her future lover, farming and the artist as farmer, work spaces, work tables, eco-feminism, love poems, the gates to Indian homes, sisterhood, walking, and cooking deliberately.