Onyedika Chuke A '17

The Forever Museum Archive: A Template for Spiritual Orchestras

3, 4PM

My practice is focused on an archive that I began in 2011. Titled “The Forever Museum archive”, it utilizes histories and political systems to present three-dimensional models (templates) based on the collection of a theoretical museum that houses all works of human history. 

FMA: A Template for Spiritual Orchestras, is an aural experience that hybridizes various religious and non-secular modes of worship. It uses layered sound played on public address speakers to present songs and instruments used in worship by immigrant groups found in New York. The songs will remain in their respective languages, spliced and layered together. The resulting effect is a sound field not specific to local, jurisdiction nor religion. 

For example: Nigerian Christian gospel songs in the Igbo language would be heard simultaneously with Honduran's Garifuna language and Chinese Buddist chants in Mandarin. 

The resulting composition is played on a loop. Timed to reflect similarities and differences in pitch, tone, and melody. 30 languages in total will be layered to reflect an orchestra. As a cultural hub, public space and former landfill Socrates Sculpture Park presents the perfect space to explore sound as site and stratified landscape.