Laura Morrison A ‘17 and Lauren Bakst

Call Bird

2:30 PM

A character has fallen out of an ancient portal into an overgrown rural setting… They want to build themselves a body. A wire carry-cage for chickens with leftover straw works well for the torso. At the back of a low-ceilinged bunker some mouldering records are on the ground. One is good for the head. On the cover sleeve her face is turned to the left in profile with blue sky behind. A broken typewriter and a bunch of poison ivy serve as the pelvic region. And so on.

Call Bird is a layered scenario conceived by Laura Morrison. This new work initiates oblique narrative entry points to a short text about a character without a body. Morrison will vocalize prompts and Lauren Bakst will respond with performative enactments and/or movement. Just as the character in the story constructs its body haphazardly from the physical, cultural and historical objects around them, the vocalizing of the text will only loosely and incompletely define Bakst’s performance. The relation will highlight the willful nature of the body and the body’s linguistic relation to cultural artifacts. The original text itself is perhaps untouched by attempts to access it, activating instead a network of rich and disturbed life peripheral to its central content.

Laura Morrison is an artist from London based in New York. Her work with writing, performance and painting hosts narrative elements alongside physical dynamics in lush, semi-absurdist scenes. This year she has had residencies and fellowships at Pioneer Works, Skowhegan and Hospitalfield in Scotland. Her work is currently being shown in London at Quick Millions and in Spring 2018 she will work on a new commission in Glasgow.  

Lauren Bakst is a New York based artist working in dance and performance. She is happy to have recently worked with/alongside artists Ivo Dimchev, Yuri Masnyj, Effie Bowen, and now Laura Morrison. She is making her new project Private Collection with Chanterelle Ribes. Lauren is also Managing Editor of the Movement Research Performance Journal and teaches at the University of the Arts School of Dance.