Annesofie Sandal A ‘15

Anything From The Heart


A mobile cardboard box will collect screams, songs, moans, whispers, secrets, lies, poems, opinions, questions etc. through its ear and sometimes a similar reply will echo back from inside the box. The box will move to different spots in the park during the day. Lending its ear to the publics impulse and emotions.

The title and the idea is inspired by a quote from Wong Kar Wai’s movie Happy Together in which they refer to the Argentinian light house at the end of the world, where people can leave their unhappiness behind.

A person is inside the box – maybe myself.

A toast to friendship, thanks for everything.

You saved up enough?


Congratulations. (they toast) Where are you going next?

South to Ushuaia.

It’s cold there.

They say it’s the end of the world. I’d like to see it. You ever been there?

(Shaking head) There’s a lighthouse down there. Heartbroken people go there…and leave their unhappiness behind.

Do People still do that?

Maybe. I don’t know.

(Takes out a recorder) Say something.


You’re my only friend here. It’ll be a souvenir. I don’t like pictures.

I don’t know what to say.

Whatever. Anything from your heart. Even something sad. I’ll take it to the end of the world.

I’m not sad.

Something cheerful, then. Go ahead. I’m gonna dance. (Passes the recorder and leaves the table)

(Lifts the recorder to his mouth. Silence. Cries into the recorder).

Annesofie Sandal is a Korean born, Danish, visual artist based New York. Group exhibitions include Borg Biennial in Antwerp, The Sculpture Triennial in Odense, Changdong National Art Studio in Seoul and the 4th AIM Biennial at Bronx Museum of The Arts in New York. Solo shows count Factory Gallery in Seoul, Ace Art Gallery in Winnipeg and Format Art Space in Copenhagen.

Last year she was a Harpo Fellow at Santa Fe Art Institute. Past residencies include Skowhegan, ISCP, Caldera and Museum of Modern Art in Seoul. She holds an MFA from The Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Copenhagen.