Amia Yokoyama A ‘17, Cosima Schietekat, Natalie Casagran, with Zhi Yuan Yang A ‘17


3:15 PM

Wetwinkie is an all-women performance trio, established between Los Angeles and Mexico City. Combining original music, spoken word, dance, and interactive costume, Wetwinkie proposes a physical texture as well as a theatrical scene: the soppy soap bubble, the feeling of glue between fingers. Using language as another kind of material or surface, we slip across our transnational, tri-lingual backgrounds into a new methodology of poetry and movement. Sprouting from the scene of hyper-bureaucratic hyper-gendered office maintenance (formerly called “the secretarial pool”), Wetwinkie marks the space where such a landscape may become fluid and fecund. Physical byproducts of industry are repurposed through fantasy. Pleasure returns, however ill-fitting or fleeting its forms. Songs move between meditative chants, electro-pop dance hits, and declarative manifesto. As earth settles into its new post-human form, shedding lushness for base, exchanging excesses, in concert with the ephemerality of the season, we sing the feeling.