For SkowheganPerforms, Junte will present a meditation on the recent catastrophes in Mexico and Puerto Rico as experienced by members of the collective. Operating from our ‘base camp’ within a grove of trees in Socrates Sculpture Park, members of Junte will explore the idea of communication during crisis. Through an interactive performance dealing with vocal, gestural, and visual communication, we will examine how communication is initiated, enacted, moderated, disrupted, delayed, suspended, eliminated, re-established, and sustained. Our performance is informed by and draws from some member’s direct experiences on the ground during these disasters and engaging in relief efforts immediately after, as well as other member’s experiences of being removed from these events and loved ones. Performance in this context is not as a metaphor, rather a real sharing of lived realities of these disasters, that of action and reaction and that of distanced waiting. Junte’s camp at Socrates will function as a portal of connection between New York, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, acting as drop-off site for materials and monetary donations for both affected areas as well as providing resources and information for those looking to contribute to local organizations to assist in the immediate and long-term relief efforts.

Junte is an arts and culture project founded in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico in December 2016 by a group of 8 artists both local and international. It operates under the cordial support and mentorship of Casa Pueblo of Adjuntas, a legendary self-sustaining environmentalist community organization. Junte is a place of gathering, where global and local communities engage in cross cultural exchange through the arts with the aim of fostering and strengthening connections. Junte is international with a hands-on local approach: artists, architects, engineers, writers, and creatives contribute by building both physical and creative spaces of inquiry. As an alternative to “Junta,” Junte’s philosophy is to work holistically and laterally, providing a horizontal platform to collectively cultivate culture and reinforce its relevance to politics.