2000, Anthony Campuzano


Anthony Campuzano

I fell deeply in love and I developed my studio practice during my summer at Skowhegan in 2000. The love didn’t last but I often say I learned how to be an artist during my summer at Skowhegan. In 2000 I unfolded my things and pinned my inspirations up on the wall of my studio with the big windows in Upper Barn. I learned so much taking walks, thinking, opening up, listening to others, and being so in love.

I constantly am inspired and challenged in my work by those I met the summer of 2000 at Skowhegan. I use the lessons I learned there everyday in my studio, recalling them when I am in dialogue with my ideas and trying to figure out how to articulate the ways, needs and means to go forward (and look back). The best summer of my life.