1998, JD Beltran


JD Beltran

A photo-collage of my Skowhegan studio, which I converted into an 18th Century style sitting room, with deep blue walls, a red floor, a satin-covered divan, and velvet, gold-tasseled pillows. I had Skowpeople come in to “sit” for their photo portrait. My photo-collage includes a photo of the studio itself, and Rick Lowe, Janine Antoni, Kerry James Marshall, Glenn Ligon, Joyce Kozloff, and Vito Acconci sitting for their portraits, along with one of me and my fellow-resident Will Rogan.

I made lifelong friends at Skowhegan; it was one of the most memorable summers of my life. It began an incredibly fruitful and inspiring new chapter of thinking about how I made art.