Skowhegan Lecture Archive

Artstor Alumni Beta Test // Summer 2019


Skowhegan is thrilled to welcome alumni and faculty to listen to the complete Lecture Archive online.

As a part of an ongoing effort, Skowhegan is digitizing the collection and making the lectures available online. Whether you listened to the lectures on reels-to-reels, cassettes, CDs or an iPod, or did not have the opportunity to listen on campus at all, we want to ensure the collection’s digital format remains a source of inspiration and information as you develop new connections with this unique material.

Making the lecture archive accessible to the Skowhegan community was our primary goal when undergoing this project. However, we are still beta testing the online archives. Your help at this stage is vital to ensure that this online collection is functional and comprehensive for outside researchers and future Skowhegan alum.

Please note that the Skowhegan Lecture Archive is still a closed collection; you may not share access with anyone. Copyright of each lecture belongs to the lecturing artist or estate, so you may not reproduce or cite anything contained in the archive without first contacting Skowhegan.

The online archive features lectures from artists who have given explicit permission to host their talks in this format. If a lecture is missing, it is because they denied online hosting, or because we have yet to obtain an affirmative response. 

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Since we’ve first started registering users, many have encountered problems. Please don’t be shy about reporting them! The faster we’re made aware of the issue, the faster we can fix it. This will make yours, and everyone’s, experience better. Contact Paige Laino, or 646-681-6427 with any and all problems. After you’ve spent some time with the platform, we would also deeply appreciate participating in this brief survey below

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