Skowhegan Lecture Archive

Artstor Alumni Beta Test // Spring 2019

The complete Skowhegan Lecture Archive is now accessible online to alumni and faculty.

Skowhegan is thrilled to finally be able to welcome alumni and faculty to listen to the complete Lecture Archive online.

During your summer at Skowhegan, you may have listened to the lectures on an iPod, a Walkman, or even reel-to-reels, and we envision the collection’s transition online as the latest step in preservation and accessibility.

Whether you’ve been thinking about one particular artist’s talk since you left Skowhegan, or you didn’t have the chance to listen at all, we hope the collection’s accessibility will allow you to develop new connections to this very unique material. There is no way to recreate the specific feeling of listening to the words of an iconic artists on an iPod (or a cassette player) on campus, but

we hope that this new ease of access allows you to create your own, new relationships with this unique resource. Whether you’ve been thinking about one lecture in particular since you left Maine, listened to too many to count, or never got the chance to hear any during your summer,

After years of requests from alumni and faculty for chance to listen to faculty artist lectures after we are thrilled to announce that the complete Lecture Archive is now available online through Artstor. While it may not be as enchanting as your listening experience on campus

Skowhegan is very excited to announce that alumni and faculty can now browse the complete Lecture Archive online.

Skowhegan would like to invite you to partake in a “beta test” of the Lecture Archive before we share the collection with select outside institutions this fall. This entails simply listening to lectures from past Skowhegan faculty on the Artstor platform and answering a brief, optional survey about your experience.

Please note that the Skowhegan Lecture Archives are still a closed collection; you may not share access with anyone. Furthermore, the copyright of each lecture belongs to the lecturing artist or estate, so you may not reproduce or cite any part of anything contained in the archive without first contacting Skowhegan.

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