Anna C. Chave / Linda Nochlin

Selected by Becky Kinder (A '04)

"I would like to talk about the role that women's biography and the specifics of identity play in art making. Not only in who gets to make, but how it affects what is made, how it is seen and how it is read."


  • "Normal Ills: On Embodiment, Victimization, and the Origins of Feminist Art" by Anna C. Chave, 2006
  • "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" by Linda Nochlin from 1971


"Two case studies, of sorts, that I have been interested in lately are the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, from 2015, and the Nina Simone documentary, What Happened Miss Simone?, also from 2015. This is way optional, but both are haunting and fascinating in regards to these issues."