Niza Yanay / Omer Fast

Selected by Elizabeth Harney (A '14)

Thanks for asking me to choose a reading for the group this week. I brought up Niza Yanay’s book, “The Ideology of Hatred” during last week’s discussion of “The Second Sex.” I think we were talking about the slave/master dialectic and about the difference between submission and victimization. We also discussed some ways in which perceived power and privilege/mobility can influence our relationships and desires. 

I chose Chapter 4 “The Lure of Proximity and the Fear of Dependency” (page 71 to 88) from “The Ideology of Hatred” because in that chapter Yanay reinforces major themes throughout her book while also making points that continue segments from last week’s discussion about love and dependency in relation to “hate."

I also want to point to an interview of Niza Yanay by Al Jazeera in which she generally sums up major theories within her book:

And for a visual media I want to point to Omer Fast’s piece from the 2008 Whitney Biennial, The Casting (2007). It’s a four channel video. I had a hard time finding great documentation of it but below is a link from Youtube which shows part of the visual display which would be seen on forward facing side of the installation and also a link to the full narrative story on Vimeo, which would have been displayed on the back side of the video installation.

here is a link to Omer Fast explaining the work:

This reading is a bit longer then the others that have been chosen so far but you don’t necessarily need to read it all in order to participate.