Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Admissions Questions

+ Is the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture only for painters and sculptors?

No. All artistic practices are welcome.

+ When is the application deadline?

January 10, 2018, 11:59PM EST (23:59 EST). We advise applicants to begin work on their online application well in advance of this date. The system will automatically shut down at 11:59pm EST on January 10, 2018. Remember that it may take several minutes for your application to be accepted by the site, so please do not wait until the last moment to submit. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for any reason including website failure.

+ How can I submit video?

All video work must be submitted using Vimeo. Please see the step by step explanation in the application instructions. Uploading videos to vimeo can be a slow process make sure to leave yourself enough time. If you are unable to upload and submit your videos to Skowhegan by January 10, 2018, your application will not be considered for admission.

+ What should I do if I have trouble using Skowhegan's application website?

If you encounter any technical difficulties you may call Skowhegan’s New York office (646-681-6426) Monday-Friday, 10AM through 4PM EST; or you can e-mail your question to Should you encounter difficulty submitting your application after office hours we cannot accept your inability to contact the office as a valid excuse for a late application.

+ Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is an application fee due when you submit your application. The one time application fee amount is determined by the date that you apply. Please refer to the application fee timetable for application fee rates.

+ What forms of payment does Skowhegan accept for the application processing fee?

The application fee must be paid using PayPal which takes most major credit cards. NOTE: You do not have to set up a PayPal account in order to use PayPal. If PayPal is not available in your country then please call Skowhegan at 1-646-681-6426 or email for further instructions at least 3 days before each application fee increase or deadline.

+ How do I know if my application has been received?

After you have submitted your application you will receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging our receipt of your application. Please be sure to check your spam folder and make sure you set your e-mail settings to accept as a safe address. Mail generated from our website is often blocked by spam filters (this is particularly true for those who use Hotmail, AOL, and Earthlink). If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact the office at to confirm receipt of your application.

+ Who reviews my application?

Review panels are comprised of members of Skowhegan’s Board of Governors and members of the upcoming summer’s faculty. All are distinguished artists and many are alumni. Applicants are presented to the jurors anonymously.

+ When and how will I be notified of the result of my application?

You will receive e-mail notification in April. We do not respond to inquiries about application status prior to this notification. Please do not call or e-mail the office to inquire about your acceptance status.

+ Is there an age requirement or an age limit?

Artists must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program (June 9, 2018). There is no maximum age limitation.

+ Who is eligible to apply?

Aside from being over 21, there are no eligibility requirements. Academic credentials and/or training in art are not a prerequisite and are not considered in the admissions process.

+ My work falls into more than one category. May I apply in more than one discipline?

No. We understand that many artists work across disciplines, but you must choose a primary discipline for purposes of organizing our review process. Applicants are never penalized for being in the “wrong” category. If you are accepted to Skowhegan you can work in any discipline(s) you choose.

+ Do you allow collaborators to apply to Skowhegan?

Yes. Skowhegan allows collaborative teams to apply. Collaborative teams must apply using one application to represent the entire team. Please note we can only accept up to three members of any collaborative team.

+ May international artists apply?

Yes. A working knowledge of English is required. Skowhegan is not an accredited academic institution and cannot participate in the student visa process. If admitted, artists must arrange for a visitor’s visa (if required) in time for the start of the program. International applicants are eligible for financial aid and grants toward travel expenses.

+ Who should I ask to be a reference on my application?

The names of your references are not revealed to the admissions panel and are not a considered in the admissions process. Identify individuals who can speak to your commitment and openness as an artist and your ability to work well in a communal setting. Skowhegan does not accept letters of recommendation.

+ How often am I allowed to apply?

You may only submit one application per annual cycle; artists who submit multiple applications in the same cycle will not be considered for admission. Artists may only attend Skowhegan once.

Tuition and Financial Aid Questions

+ What is the cost of the residency?

Tuition, room, and meals is $6,000. Additionally, all participants are required to pay a $75 activities fee.

+ How much financial aid is available?

Only artists who have completed the financial assistance section of the online application will be considered for financial aid. You must submit this information at the time of application.

The goal of Skowhegan’s financial assistance program is to ensure that all artists who have been accepted can attend regardless of their financial status, however all participants are expected to make some financial contribution to their experience. Each applicant is asked to request a financial aid amount with this in mind. We will determine an award amount at admission based on this information, as well as other financial information requested in the application. Keep in mind that most participants need financial assistance and take that into consideration when requesting your aid.

+ My graduate program participates in Skowhegan’s Matching School Fellowship Program. Must I complete the Financial Assistance section?

Yes, you must complete the entire financial assistance section of the online application to receive any of the Named or Matching Fellowships. Although Matching School Fellowships are not based on financial need, many times schools are unable to participate in the program or cannot match more than one accepted student. If you need financial aid then please fill out the financial aid section of the application as you would if you did not expect to receive a Matching Fellowship in case your school cannot contribute.

Program Questions

+ Are artists required to work on specific projects at Skowhegan?

No. Participants are strongly discouraged from coming with a preconceived agenda. Many artists who come to Skowhegan having to complete a specific body of work for a scheduled exhibition find that the focus and resolve this requires is often at odds with some of the most important aspects and benefits of the Skowhegan program.

+ Are absences from the program allowed?

No. Absences are very disruptive and will not be allowed except for emergencies. Participants must commit to being in residence for the full nine-week term of the program. Absences are allowed only in a case of emergency or with prior approval by the Director.

+ If I am accepted and cannot attend, may I defer my residency?

No, but you may re-apply the following year. Furthermore, the application fee cannot be refunded for any reason including application withdrawal.

Resident Life Questions

+ What are the residential accommodations like?

Participants are housed in lake-side cottages. Most participants share a room and all share bathrooms.

+ Can Skowhegan accommodate artists with disabilities?

Yes, it is our goal to accommodate all artists accepted to Skowhegan. For specific concerns about residential and studio accessibility please email Skowhegan’s New York office (

+ What are the meals like?

Skowhegan serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Each meal has vegetarian options available. We can also accommodate most other dietary restrictions and allergies. All of those admitted to the program with specific dietary requirements will have the opportunity to speak directly with the Director of Food Service at the beginning of the summer.

+ May I bring a partner or family members with me to Skowhegan?

No. However, there is one weekend in July set aside for visitors. NOTE: Visitors who come to campus during visitors’ weekend may not stay overnight on campus and must stay at nearby hotel and camping options.

+ May I bring a pet?


If you do not see the answer to your question here then please e-mail the New York office at:, or call 646.681.6426 between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM EST, Monday-Friday.