Participants are required to live on campus for the full duration of the nine-week program. All campus facilities are open 24 hours a day. Participants are also encouraged to use the 350 acres of forest, pastures and lakefront on campus for their work. 


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Living quarters are in converted cottages set on a large lake. The cottages have common areas with fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. There are no cooking facilities in participant living quarters. All meals are provided by the Dining Hall. There is a wheelchair accessible cottage. Most participants share a room and everyone shares bathrooms. Participants furnish their own blankets, sheets and towels. 

External view of Cummings Dorm, 2010

Cummings Dorm, 2010

Studios are located amid woods and rolling pastures a short walk from the lake and are open 24 hours a day. Each studio is approximately 10’x13’ in size. While each studio is private, all are located in buildings that are communal. Many of the buildings are original to the campus’ previous life as a farm but have been updated over time. Studios can accommodate a variety of work and accessibility needs. Internet access is unavailable in the studios. 

Van Gogh Studio, 2010

Cummings Studio, 2010

There is a large wood and metal shop with basic ceramic facilities as well as a studio manager to assist with equipment & tools. In 2011, Skowhegan built a new Media Lab with computers and all necessary software for video, sound, and image editing. The Media Lab also offers basic photo, video, and sound recording devices for check out, as well as a sound conditioned and light proof room for recordings. Internet access is limited to the Media Lab and the library. 

Black Box, 2011

Sculpture Shop, 2010

Skowhegan offers the rare opportunity to learn and practice buon fresco technique. In the context of Skowhegan's program, fresco offers an opportunity to explore a rich and ancient process that can inspire and accommodate a broad range of contemporary ideas.

Fresco Barn, 2010

Fresco Shop, 2010

The Robert Lehman Library collection contains art books; catalogues; bound magazines; and the Skowhegan Lecture Archive, consisting of over 600 recordings of lectures given by Skowhegan faculty since 1952. These recordings comprise a unique art historical resource. The Library also houses a small collection of film and video art. Participants have access to this collection and are encouraged to organize special viewings in groups or individually. The Library is open around the clock.

Lehman Library, 2010

View of Simon Studio, 2010

Performances, reading groups, discussions, and community and off-campus projects initiated by participants comprise an important part of the Skowhegan experience as each member of the community responds to the community and environment surrounding them.