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A very special Skowhegan PERFORMS
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A very special Skowhegan PERFORMS


SkowheganPERFORMS 2016
Saturday, May 14 // 2–6PM
Socrates Sculpture Park // map

SkowheganPERFORMS is back for its sixth season after a rainout this past fall –– coinciding with Socrates Sculpture Park's 30th year and Skowhegan's 70th. This iteration of our annual day of performance is meant to celebrate 100 cumulative years of supporting artists, and is followed by a picnic for alumni and family.

Performances are one moment or ongoing, take place at specific locations or throughout the entire park, and necessitate various levels of participation from audience members and existing sculptures in LANDMARK, an exhibition featuring several Skowhegan alumni and underscoring the collaborative nature of both the performances and our respective organizations.

LANDMARK features eight different artist projects including a newly commissioned major earthwork by Meg Webster (F '96). Additional artists in the exhibition include Abigail DeVille (A '07), Brendan Fernandes, Cary Leibowitz, Jessica Segall (A '10), Casey Tang, the curatorial collective ARTPORT_making waves, and a Broadway Billboard by Hank Willis Thomas (A '05).


30+70 // an after-hours picnic party
6PM–dusk // following SkowheganPERFORMS

Socrates Sculpture Park and Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture are collectively turning 100!

To celebrate the centennial, alumni from both programs are invited to an after-hours re/union featuring live music, ping pong, positive vibes and more. There will be beer and a falafel food truck, but BYOB/P(icnic) is recommended for an optimal lounging experience. 

George Monteleone (A '12) will perform music in varied phases of determinacy. Sound on sound for voice, multi-instruments, and ephemeral material.  

#trashDAY #skowheganperforms#BouncingAndBehaving with k(Rob) + Doe Derek #levelUp #realness #official#afterParty (Instagram, courtesy of  @kenya9 )

#trashDAY #skowheganperforms#BouncingAndBehaving with k(Rob) + Doe Derek #levelUp #realness #official#afterParty (Instagram, courtesy of @kenya9)

...and after, with Doreen Garner and Kenya (Robinson) (A '14), AUNTIE TEAM proudly presents Bouncing + Behaving, the inaugural pop-up broadcast of our hit radio show #trashDAY. It’s a PG piece, a break from our more obscene stylings, but no less buoyant on the truth telling tip. Imagine a blonde feathered wig, straight out the box, skimming the shoulders with a side part bang – a coquettish coterie. We’re thinking New Orleans Bounce with a dollop of Disney and an inflatable castle, no shoes – a teaser to set the tone. We’ll have the rhythm, the Rossi and the Ratchetpiece Theatre to round out the set.

The park will close early at 6PM for this special soirée. Come for the whole day or just the afterparty—but make sure to RSVP in advance to receive updates about cancellations or new afterparty venues. 

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Skowhegan PERFORMS 2015
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Skowhegan PERFORMS 2015

This year's SkowheganPERFORMS has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

We plan to reschedule the performances for a later date and time.

Skowhegan would like to thank Domingo Castillo A '12, Catherine Fairbanks A '11, Sean Glover A '06 & David E. CurtisJohn Gonzalez A '08, Jordan Tynes, & Thomas Willis,Andrew Hamill A '14, Baseera Khan A '14 & Magdalen Wong A '14, Elizabeth Harney A '14, Erin Henry A '15, Madeline Hollander A '15, Jim Leach A '15, Neven Lochhead A '15, The Big Head Brigade & Megan Marlatt A '85, Sarah Mattes A '15, Holli McEntegart A '14, Melanie McLainJoiri Minaya A '13, Jef Scharf A '00, Kuldeep Singh A '14, Melissa Smedley A '85, Corinne Spencer A '14, Felipe Steinberg A '14,Michael K. Taylor A '12, Clare Torina A '12, Deborah Wasserman A '98, and Bennett Wine A'12 for their time and preparation.

We would also like to thank the Skowhegan Alliance Performance Committee—Jesus Benavente A '12, Claudia Bitran A '14 & Gabriela Salazar A '11—and the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for its support of this event and its future reconfigurations.

There will be drinks afterwards at
The Strand Smokehouse
25-27 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106

Skowhegan, in conjunction with Socrates Sculpture Park, is pleased to announce the fifth annual SkowheganPERFORMS, which will take place Saturday, October 3 from 1-5PM.

This year's SkowheganPERFORMS considers the picturesque and the sublime. The performances reveal, and revel in, the beautiful and the terrifying—as mediators, frames, or contexts. Performances are one moment or ongoing, take place at specific locations or throughout the entire park, and necessitate various levels of participation from audience members and existing sculptures.

Skowhegan would like to thank the Skowhegan Alliance Performance Committee [Jesus Benavente (A '12), Claudia Bitran (A '14) & Gabriela Salazar ('11)] and the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for its support of this event.

We hope to see you there!

Domingo Castillo (A '12)
Catherine Fairbanks (A '11)
Sean Glover ('06) with David E. Curtis
John Gonzalez (A '08), Jordan Tynes, & Thomas Willis
Andrew HamillBaseera Khan & Magdalen Wong (A '14)
Elizabeth Harney (A '14)
Erin Henry (A '15)
Madeline Hollander (A '15)
Jim Leach (A '15)
Neven Lochhead (A '15)
The Big Head Brigade, featuring Megan Marlatt (A '85)
Sarah Mattes (A '15)
Holli McEntegart (A '14) 
Melanie McLain
Joiri Minaya (A '13)
Jef Scharf (A '00)
Kuldeep Singh (A '14)
Melissa Smedley (A '85)
Corinne Spencer (A '14)
Felipe Steinberg (A '14)
Michael K. Taylor (A '12)
Clare Torina (A '12)
Deborah Wasserman (A '98)
Bennett Wine (A '12)


Preliminary site visit by Deborah Wasserman.

Preliminary site visit by Deborah Wasserman.

Socrates’ Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition is the setting for SkowheganPERFORMS. Marking the fifteenth anniversary of this annual exhibition program, EAF15 features fifteen new commissions created over the summer in the park's outdoor studio. Rather than a thematic exhibition, each artist has a distinct artwork that embodies his/her exploration of public sphere sculpture. Diverse in subject and approach, the works provide critical considerations on subjects ranging from modern interpretations of Romanticism to contemporary statuary, from explorations of urban design to the trajectories of the African Diaspora.

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Skowhegan PERFORMS 2013
1:00 PM13:00

Skowhegan PERFORMS 2013

SkowheganPERFORMS 2013 was themed "Play."

Performing Artists:
Eun Woo Cho '08
Alison Crocetta '92 + Charlotte Schulz '92
John Dombroski '13
Linda Ford '02
Daniel Giles '13
John Landewe '00
Dan Levenson '09
Megan Marlatt '85
Mores McWreath '13
Linda Molenaar '07
Ross Moreno '03 + Justin Cooper '07
Barb Smith '12
Clare Torina '12
Tomoe Tsutsumi '10 

Skowhegan would like to thank the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for its support of this event.  

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do it (outside)
2:00 PM14:00

do it (outside)

Conceived and curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Presented in collaboration with Independent Curators International

With historical antecedents in Dada and Fluxus, do it (outside) is a selection of artists' instructions interpreted by other artists, performers, community groups, and the public. In the last 20 years, versions of do it have been presented in over 50 venues worldwide, giving new meaning to the concept of the "exhibition in progress." This presentation will be the first in New York City and the first completely outdoors in a public art venue. 

Performing Artists
   Korakrit Arunanondchai '12 (Robert Ashley) 
   Jesus Benavente '12 (Lygia Pape)
   Strauss Borque-La France '10 (Christian Marclay)
   Daniel Bozhkov '90, F '12, Governor (Erwin Wurm & Albert Oehlen)
   Rachel Fainter '09 (Yto Barrada)
   Cathy Fairbanks '11 (Adrian Lara)
   Shaun Leonardo '04 (Bruce Nauman)
   Marie Lorenz '04, F '13 (Yoko Ono)
   Katie Mangiardi '07 (Joan Jonas)
   Birgit Rathsmann '04 + Lorelei Ramirez (Ernesto Neto)
   Andrew Ross '11 (Lucy R. Lippard)
   Becky Sellinger '12 (Paul McCarthy)   
   Nataliya Slinko '10 (Mike Kelley)
   Chris Sollars '98 (Andreas Slominski)  
   Jennifer Sullivan '11 (Albert Oehlen)
   Jonathan Van Dyke '08 + Chelsea Knight '08 (Jerome Bel)
   Carmen Winant '10 (Mike Smith)
   Jody Wood '12 (Lygia Pape)
   Brian Zegeer '10 (Andreas Slominski, Michelangelo Pistoletto,
      Gabriel Sierra, Elmgreen & Dragset)

organized by Becky Kinder '04 with Daniel Bozhkov and Janine Antoni

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SkowheganPERFORMS 2012
1:30 PM13:30

SkowheganPERFORMS 2012

Twenty alumni, spanning 28 summers of artmaking at Skowhegan, will perform throughout the afternoon at various locations around the park. Some performances will happen only once, others will be ongoing—all will be a great expression of the type of work that Skowhegan promotes and supports! Come out and enjoy the park, the performances, and the green market!

Performing artists:
Korakrit Arunanondchai ‘12 
Jesus Benavente ‘12 
Strauss Borque-LaFrance ‘10
Justin Cooper ‘07 + Ross Moreno ‘03 
Jeff DeGolier ‘10 + Ben Vida 
Jennifer Dudley ‘06 
Ben Fain ‘08 
Catherine Fairbanks ‘11 
John Landewe ‘00 
Jaeeun Lee ‘11 
Christopher Manzione ‘12 
Ander Mikalson ‘12 + Kimberly Kay + Lisi Raskin
Julie Ann Nagle ‘10 
Eliza Newman-Saul ‘05 
Becky Sellinger ‘12 
Allison Wiese ‘99 
Jayoung Yoon ‘09 + Julie Spodek 
Brian Zegeer ‘10 
Brenda Zlamany ‘84 

Skowhegan would like to thank the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for their support of this event. 

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