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Skowhegan 2 Channel Video Festival


Celebration: Sunday, January 6, 2019, 4-7PM
Openings: Mondays 5-8PM
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-5PM or by appointment.

Skowhegan is excited to announce its first ever Two Channel Video Festival. 

Almost three years ago, the Skowhegan Alliance identified the lack of opportunities to exhibit multi-channel video works. It is a hard medium to accommodate: two-channel works are never fully realized in a traditional film screening, but a proper installation can require a skillset ranging from programming to pipe sawing.  

After an immeasurable amount of dedication, labor, and optimism from the project’s organizer Gregory Kalliche (A ’15), advising from other Alliance members, critical support from staff Chris Carroll (A ’08), and patience from the participating artists, we have something to show you: four weeks of two-channel video art, in three different configurations, from 23 artists. 

Week 1: Corner

Sunday January 6 - Friday January 11


Jaye Rhee (A '09), Polka Dots 

Ana María Gómez López (A '15), On Taphonomy 

Mary Vettise (A '12), A reality with forms 

Lorena Mal (A '16), Invisible Structures 

Jonathan Ehrenberg (A '11), Monument

Week 2: Facing

Monday January 14 - Friday January 18


Elizabeth M. Webb (A '18), CONVERSE, CONVERSE 

James R Southard (A '12), Father's Flag Part A & B 

Tricia McLaughlin (A '92), Disposable Heroes 

Josefina Malmegård (A '16), Heavenly bodies. 

Jessica Segall (A '10), (un)common intimacy 

Sharon Paz (A '01), HOMESICK

Week 3: Side by Side

Monday January 21 - Friday January 25


Itziar Barrio (A '12), Mirroring Basic Instinct 

Alan Segal (A '15), Internacia Lingvo 

Shana Hoehn (A '13), Boggy Creek Version 2 

Seline Baumgartner (A '14), Nothing Else 

Bryan Zanisnik (A '08), Aquarium Painting 

Lex Brown (A '12), Projection Affection 

Cooper Holoweski (A '09), As Above, So Below

Week 4: Side by Side

Monday January 28 - Friday February 1


Richard T. Walker (A '09), the predicament of always (as it is) 

Kerry Downey (A '17) + Joanna SeitzWeather Report 

Angela Willetts (A '16), Escape Raft 

Orr Menirom (A '16), Clinton and Sanders Looking at the World and Naming Things for the First Time 

Holli McEntegart (A '14), Beyond the ultraviolet, beyond the infrared 

Jennifer Calivas (A '16) and Dan SwindelSides

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