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Skowhegan PERFORMS 2015

  • Socrates Sculpture Park 32-01 Vernon Boulevard New York, NY, 11106 United States (map)

This year's SkowheganPERFORMS has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

We plan to reschedule the performances for a later date and time.

Skowhegan would like to thank Domingo Castillo A '12, Catherine Fairbanks A '11, Sean Glover A '06 & David E. CurtisJohn Gonzalez A '08, Jordan Tynes, & Thomas Willis,Andrew Hamill A '14, Baseera Khan A '14 & Magdalen Wong A '14, Elizabeth Harney A '14, Erin Henry A '15, Madeline Hollander A '15, Jim Leach A '15, Neven Lochhead A '15, The Big Head Brigade & Megan Marlatt A '85, Sarah Mattes A '15, Holli McEntegart A '14, Melanie McLainJoiri Minaya A '13, Jef Scharf A '00, Kuldeep Singh A '14, Melissa Smedley A '85, Corinne Spencer A '14, Felipe Steinberg A '14,Michael K. Taylor A '12, Clare Torina A '12, Deborah Wasserman A '98, and Bennett Wine A'12 for their time and preparation.

We would also like to thank the Skowhegan Alliance Performance Committee—Jesus Benavente A '12, Claudia Bitran A '14 & Gabriela Salazar A '11—and the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for its support of this event and its future reconfigurations.

There will be drinks afterwards at
The Strand Smokehouse
25-27 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106

Skowhegan, in conjunction with Socrates Sculpture Park, is pleased to announce the fifth annual SkowheganPERFORMS, which will take place Saturday, October 3 from 1-5PM.

This year's SkowheganPERFORMS considers the picturesque and the sublime. The performances reveal, and revel in, the beautiful and the terrifying—as mediators, frames, or contexts. Performances are one moment or ongoing, take place at specific locations or throughout the entire park, and necessitate various levels of participation from audience members and existing sculptures.

Skowhegan would like to thank the Skowhegan Alliance Performance Committee [Jesus Benavente (A '12), Claudia Bitran (A '14) & Gabriela Salazar ('11)] and the staff at Socrates Sculpture Park for its support of this event.

We hope to see you there!

Domingo Castillo (A '12)
Catherine Fairbanks (A '11)
Sean Glover ('06) with David E. Curtis
John Gonzalez (A '08), Jordan Tynes, & Thomas Willis
Andrew HamillBaseera Khan & Magdalen Wong (A '14)
Elizabeth Harney (A '14)
Erin Henry (A '15)
Madeline Hollander (A '15)
Jim Leach (A '15)
Neven Lochhead (A '15)
The Big Head Brigade, featuring Megan Marlatt (A '85)
Sarah Mattes (A '15)
Holli McEntegart (A '14) 
Melanie McLain
Joiri Minaya (A '13)
Jef Scharf (A '00)
Kuldeep Singh (A '14)
Melissa Smedley (A '85)
Corinne Spencer (A '14)
Felipe Steinberg (A '14)
Michael K. Taylor (A '12)
Clare Torina (A '12)
Deborah Wasserman (A '98)
Bennett Wine (A '12)


Preliminary site visit by Deborah Wasserman.

Preliminary site visit by Deborah Wasserman.

Socrates’ Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition is the setting for SkowheganPERFORMS. Marking the fifteenth anniversary of this annual exhibition program, EAF15 features fifteen new commissions created over the summer in the park's outdoor studio. Rather than a thematic exhibition, each artist has a distinct artwork that embodies his/her exploration of public sphere sculpture. Diverse in subject and approach, the works provide critical considerations on subjects ranging from modern interpretations of Romanticism to contemporary statuary, from explorations of urban design to the trajectories of the African Diaspora.