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This Might Not Be For Now

  • Cabinet 300 Nevins St Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States (map)

A one-night screening of video works by Skowhegan alumni curated by the Skowhegan Alliance, taking place in New York.

Featuring works by:
Elliot Bassman '71
Bonnie Begusch '11
Sanford Biggers & Jennifer Zackin '98
Julia Brown '06
Matthew Day Jackson '02
Art Johnson '09
Nicholas Johnston '13
Lilly McElroy '06
Tricia McLaughlin '92
Mores McWreath '13
Christopher Meerdo '13
Rosmarie Padovano '10
David Politzer '04
Amy Ruhl '12
Christopher Samuels '10
Pascual Sisto '11
Rodrigo Valenzuela '13
Abbey Williams '04 

This might not be for now. This might have been for the past or could be for later. This might occur again and again. Or this might not occur at all.

This might not be for now: the noncommittal relationship or fleeting romance, the shifting cultural media, the liaison with the passing story or style. One song seems to waft out of every bodega, drug store, and car stereo in the city for two short months encapsulating the idea of one brief summer. Politicians and the news machine fluctuate, jumping from one topic to another making promises, plying us with what is currently most important. Our collective consciousness feels, for an instant, gratification, or is driven to act, to investigate, to demand and then there is an oversaturation, an overstimulation until the next big thing.

This might not be for now is the contemporary myriad of replication and dissemination platforms through which we gain and share information. Our individual memories and cultural ideas of the past, of history, are in flux, unstable and soon to be misremembered, rewritten, edited, amended. There is the often-times rose-tinted nostalgia for the past, dissatisfaction with the present, and the promise or hope of the future.

This might not be for now can exist in an in-between purgatory-like state of being neither here nor there, existing in two places at once, or having the proverbial one-foot out the door. This screening of nineteen videos by Skowhegan alumni will occur in New York City and then will occur again in Los Angeles. 

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