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Liars, Actors, Believers

  • Cabinet 300 Nevins St Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States (map)

Liar: noun (from Old English lêogere, from lêogan to lie)
One that usually knowingly and habitually utters falsehood:

one that lies

Actor: noun (Middle English actour, doer, pleader, from Latin actor, from actus (past part. of agere to drive, do)

1. Roman law: one that conducts a legal action: PLEADER

  1. 2  a. One that acts in a stage play, motion picture, radio, or

    television play, or dramatic sketch
    b. A theatrical performer (a professional) c. One that behaves as if acting a part

  2. 3  a. One that takes part in any affair: PARTICIPANT b. WRONGDOER, TORT-FEASOR

Believer: noun (Middle English bilven, beleven, from Old English belêfan, belyfan, from be + lêfan, lyfan to allow, to believe; akin to Old English gelyfan, believe, Proto-Germanic galaubjan, to believe, hold dear, love)

1. One that holds a firm or wholehearted religious conviction or persuasion

2. One that takes (a statement or person making a statement or existence) as true, valid, or honest

3. One that gives credence: TRUST 


Amanda Alferi, ‘08
Crystal Z. Campbell, ‘03 Brindalyn Webster Chen, ‘09 Monica Cook, ‘12
Esteban delValle, ‘11
Ben Dowell, ‘06
Jennifer Levonian, ‘07 Jennifer Macdonald, ‘05 Dafna Maimon, ‘08
Nir Nadler, ‘12
John Peña, ‘09
Slinko, ‘10
Mary Vettise, ‘12
Michael Zheng, ‘03 

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