#iammuslima / Cultural Representation & Signifying Practices


#iammuslima / Cultural Representation & Signifying Practices

Selected by Baseera Khan (A '14)

March 3

Special conversation at Participant Inc. with Baseera about her show #iamamuslima.

March 24

Here is a brief article to read before coming into Friday's session. Please also read Hannah Blacks statement to the Whitney Museum. These are very brief texts, as I know we only have a few days before we meet.

Bring in breif statements of your own to share with the group, at least 100 words of how you feel about the subjugation of all sides of this complex issue.

Please familiarize yourself with the work in question, but more importantly the person who was used in the painting.

I am reading thru a Stuart Hall text on issues of representation to help guide the conversation, if you have time to skim the text a link.

If any of you want to skim this text please do, but please take a bit of time to write how you feel and read the Guardian article above, and Hannah Black's letter.