From Dictatorship to Democracy

Selected by Haley Bueschlen (A '15)

The theme of this semester of In(queery) is direct action

We hope this theme will help both new and returning participants respond to the reality we currently live in and provide a space for us to work through that reality as opposed to focusing strictly on the abstract.  

This week's reading, and the first reading of the semester, will be the first chapter and first appendix of From Dictatorship to Democracy. We hope to use the appendix for loose guidelines of manifestations of the theme of direct action.

While we acknowledge the issues inherent with establishing democracy as the "solution", or end goal of resistance, and that this chapter in particular does not deeply discuss what it means to chart and number a country's "freedom," we still feel it is a valuable text. It was used by some involved with the Arab Spring as a source of tactics and strategies for resistance. 

Our hope is that this theme will encourage more overt conversations about current events that would ideally lead to, as the theme indicates, "direct action." To that end, we also thought it might be interesting for you to bring in commentary on/from the Women's March that you found particularly affecting. Such as below: