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Skowhegan is celebrating its 70th year. That means 593 faculty artists cumulatively giving at least 66,873 studio visits to 4,196 participants, each with their own practices, personalities and perspectives. That means 70 different reinventions of community on campus. 

Skowhegan's archive does not yet reflect the many individual experiences of those who made Skowhegan more than its parts. We seek to form a composite picture of the Skowhegan summer across time, and to host an archive that embodies Skowhegan's founding principal—by artists, for artists. We are asking you, our community of past participants and faculty, to let us know what you've saved from your summer, be it photos, slides, videos, or even a good story. 

Tell us about what you'd like to share using the form below. We will contact you soon about how we can best receive your materials. 

Need help with either form? Have questions? Contact Paige Laino at or 646.681.627

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We'd love to hear what still stays with you.

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Additionally, we are compiling our annual printed journal and we'd love to include your work! Our 2014-15 Journal can be viewed online here

Fill out the form below to apprise us of your recent exhibitions, grants, fellowships or awards from the date range June 2015 – June 2016. If you'd like to submit a picture, please use this uploader and add in caption information in the form below.

We will also be culling information submitted to the Alumni Tumblr for the journal; if your work is already posted there, please do not submit the same exhibition using this form. Due to space constraints, all images & information submitted may not be printed. 

The deadline for submissions is July 6, 2016.

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We also ask that you make sure this was not already announced on the tumblr.