Lan Tuazon

Lan Tuazon was born 1976 in the Philippines and emigrated to the US in 1986. She entered the work force at the age of 13 and participated in local and national art contests to supplement family income. This amounted to a full-tuition scholarship from the Cooper Union and an MFA from Yale University, and the artist also participated in the Whitney Independent Study in 2003. She now lives and works in Chicago where she is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  

Lan Tuazon is best known for her 10 year-long trilogy on the Shift in the Order of Things that began in 2010  based on Althusser’s structure of Ideology. Her work on order is about how the individual is subjected to society and towards an ideological version of the world. Her trilogy began with the urban plan and our economic and proprietary relationship to space. She then continued with the museum as a cultural apparatus that frames historical and cultural memory. Order in Western Human Sciences is about Multiculturalism - different types of humans whereas current anthropological theories on MultiNaturalism expands orders to different types of natures. She is currently working on the conclusion to her trilogy with Future Fossils: Sum, a large scale sculpture made from all types of containers - split and layered to “grow” mass like the rings of a tree. This durational and documentary sculpture will culminate into a house, cut open and filled with all things consumed and disposed in a lifetime. This body of work is about the scale of the human footprint of consumption and a humbling of human culture as but one thing contained within the planetary scale of nature.

Lan Tuazon has exhibited internationally at the Neue Galerie in the Imperial Palace of Austria, Bucharest Biennale 4, the WKV Kunstverein in Germany and the Lowry Museum in London. Solo exhibitions of her work includes Brooklyn Museum and Storefront of Art and Architecture in New York, Youngworld, Inc in Detroit, Julius Caesar in Chicago and the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas in Austin. She was awarded artist in residence and fellowships at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Headlands Art Center, and Civitella Ranieri in Italy and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. Group shows of her work have been exhibited (inter)nationally including 8th Floor Rubin Foundation, Artist Space, Redcat Gallery, Canada Gallery, Sculpture  Center, Apex Art, Exit Art, WKV Kunstverein and Künstlerhaus in Stuttgart, Germany, Shiva Gallery, Essex Flowers, Momenta Art and the Hyde Park Art Center.