Tarot Deck

Skowhegan Alliance Alumni Publication 2016

Deadline: Monday, October 12


It is a game of pictures: a mysterious template that seeks to offer guidance through the murky, devastating, ecstasy that is human existence. Start at zero, gather all of your tools and begin stumbling, unraveling and ascending your way through it. Who needs a map?

There are hundreds if not thousands of themed Tarot decks. Forget Rider-Waite, forget the cat decks and the cyber goth decks. We are making our own!

This iteration of the Skowhegan Alliance alumni publication is taking on a new, more mystical format: a tarot deck. The deck’s theme will be loosely based on a quote regarding the first Chaos Magician Austin Spare, “diagrams of ideas which I have quite failed to unravel.” 

Alumni and faculty are asked to submit artwork for the major arcana cards, which will be printed in a limited edition, functional tarot deck. Each 4.75"x2.75" card will feature the name of the card and the name of the artist so each one can function as an individual work of art. 

To forge a degree of visual consistency, four artists are designing each of the suits of the minor arcana: 
Elijah Burgher (A '11) is designing cups, 
Melissa Brown (A '02) is designing wands, 
Alison Saar (F '93) is designing swords,
John Walter (A '12) is designing pentacles. 
Christopher Carroll (A '08) is designing the card back.

To compensate for production costs, decks will be made available for sale at our launch event and online. Artists whose work is selected will be given a deck as a small thanks for making this project possible. 



  • We encourage works in all media (painting, drawing, text, photo, etc.) that relate to the card you select—visually, emotionally, spiritually, diagrammatically or otherwise.
  • Please submit only one work of art for each card, with a maximum of four cards per artist. If more than one submission is received for a card, the organizers will pick the one that best fits within the deck.
  • Please make sure you submit artwork that will fit on a 4.75"x2.75" card. Otherwise your work may be cropped during the design or printing process. We will contact you if your artwork has an issue. Please do not submit artwork with the card name already on it.
  • Check the list for more information about each cardWhen we receive too many submissions for one card, we will stop accepting artwork for it, so please submit early if you have a specific one in mind.

Image specifications:

If you have any questions, please contact Paige at plaino@skowheganart.org at least 4 days before the deadline.


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 12.




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