Title Magazine » Becky Suss


“A similar kind of suspension of personal space and time carries through Becky Suss’ paintings. While her interiors are absent of living presences (save one dog), they communicate in the language of timeless objects, hyper-real textures, and the geometry of interior design, simultaneously flattening and expanding the spaces she depicts. In her current exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Suss focuses almost exclusively on the austere, mid-century modern interior of her grandparents’ home. Through seven large-scale canvases, nine smaller studies, and an assortment of ceramic pieces, Suss creates multiple portals into these spaces, largely culled and interpreted from her own memories. With a focus on individual objects found in these spaces – wiggly vases, hypnotically patterned textiles, various sculptures of the human form – these shapes appear in both paintings and sculpture. Among the painstakingly detailed and dimensionally flat canvases, these objects seem to form a constellation of meaning between the 3D and 2D work throughout the exhibition.”

Becky Suss (’13)