How to Get Your MFA without Going $100k in Debt

“The current price tag of a Columbia MFA is just over $110,000. “People are all super-conscious of the craziness of the amount of money that they’re shelling out,” says Worth, who sees the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging artists, as a possible alternative for grad school. For the MacArthur-award-winning artist Whitfield Lovell, who credits his stay in 1985 at Skowhegan as “the major turning point artistically and professionally,” it certainly was. “Skowhegan pulls amazing faculty, and the people who get in there are at the top of a big pool,” says Worth. “It has some of the same qualities as Yale or Columbia. I don’t think there’s any other residency that has quite that level of selectivity.”