YOGA SALONS- where YOGA + CULTURE COLLIDE. Looking for flexible, entrepreneurial artists to give ½ hour talk and ½ hour “mingle,” time.  This is startup- great chance to hone your presentation skills and start building a email/contact list of potential collectors!   So if you are willing to invest time (in promo) and are a budding engaging speaker; then check it out. There is no pay now- it’s bootstrap (old phrase) But this will grow- and be taken eventually into corporate settings. 


  • So I’m Vivenne Williams, a Skowhegan grad (1991) who is also trained extensively in yoga, mindfulness etc.  it’s my brainchild.
  • The audience will be 30+ working professionals, this is being marketed via Meetup, FB and my own site.
  • We may have 4 folks in attendance,  we may have 25!  But it’s a show must go on thing.  If you’re up for that let me know.
  • They will be held on Fridays & Saturdays in early evening, in Manhattan. 
  • If low registration we will cancel– but 4 is probably minimum.  Only contact me if you know how start-ups are, this is not guaranteed. 
  • Big plus if you are willing to DO SOME PROMO- hit Twitter/Instagram/Facebook too!  Then you’re at front of line & we can work together again and again!
  • Contact me:  go to page:, 

BEST: Leave comment there with your website url, Or connect via Twitter:    use hashtag #yogasalon

PLEASE don’t email me– unless we are in conversation-Thanks!) And do not use contact form.