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financial assistance

There is no separate financial aid form. To apply for financial assistance to attend Skowhegan simply fill out the financial aid section of the 2014 Skowhegan application.


The goal of Skowhegan’s financial assistance program is to ensure that all artists who have been accepted can attend Skowhegan regardless of their financial status, however all participants are expected to make some financial contribution to their experience.


Each applicant is asked to request a financial aid amount with this in mind. Some will be able to pay most or all of the cost, while others may only be able to pay a small amount. We will determine an award amount at admission based on individual requests, as well as other financial information requested in the application. Keep in mind that most participants need financial assistance and take that into consideration when requesting your aid. Only artists who have completed the financial assistance section of the application can be considered for aid. You must submit this information at the time of application. Late requests will not be considered.


Fellowships toward tuition, room, and board are available to those who provide evidence of financial need. Skowhegan cannot provide assistance for other living expenses or materials. If you are requesting financial assistance please remember that tuition represents a fraction of the actual cost of a residency. Take time to consider seriously your real needs and ability to contribute toward your tuition and fees so that Skowhegan can assist as many people as possible.


Financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process. 

Financial need should not deter artists from applying for admission.